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New Orleans | July 18-22nd

Join me in New Orleans this summer for the inaugural loveTIMAMARIE Pleasure Retreat!!


As women we are so often taught that our sexuality is to be managed in a very particular way.  We are to “behave like ladies”, not be “too loose”, or that we should do “whatever we need to do” to please our partner/parents/religion/culture…the list goes on.  Adhering to all these guidelines (ahem…impositions) on our sexuality can leave many of us feeling like we’re flat out wrong for our desires.  And that’s IF you’re lucky enough to even have connected with what your desires truly are.


The Pleasure Retreat is designed to help break down the walls we’ve built around our true desires for pleasure (not your literal walls…don’t worry!  LOL) and have fun doing it.  Combining experiential workshop sessions with exploration of the city and hands-on experiences with food, dancing and more!   


If you have been feeling alone in your desires and want a safe space to explore your womanhood in a way that feels freeing, fun and maybe even a little freaky (I see you, girl!!), this retreat is for you! 

If you have been feeling like your sexuality and pleasure have been suppressed and you'd like to find your release, and lower your inhibitions, this retreat is for you!

If you already have a few tricks up your sleeve and want a way to expand your knowledge of different pleasure types, have more fun in the bedroom, and in LIFE, this retreat is for you! 

Whether you’re single, dating, married, just starting to explore your sexual side or consider yourself a full fledge sexual pro, you will leave with a deeper knowing of what your unique pleasures are and how you can have more pleasure every single day of your life! 

Click the "Sign Up Today" button for a full view of the retreat itinerary and to learn more about what you'll get with the experience.

A deposit of $450 is due by April 27th to lock in your spot.


This is a girls trip you don’t want to miss!  

Pleasure Retreat

What's Included...


  • Accommodations Thurs evening to Monday morning in the beautiful Uptown/Garden District neighborhood

  • All Meals & Transportation During Stay

  • Workshop Sessions

    • Releasing Blocks to Pleasure Through Healing Body Image & Past Trauma​

    • Sensuality & Connecting Your Mind, Body & Spirit

    • Yoni Egg Class

    • Exploring "Schools of Pleasure" such as Kink/BDSM, Tantra, Hedonism and more

  • Custom Curated New Orleans Tour

  • Private New Orleans Bounce Dance Class

  • "Freedom Night"...Sexy Night Out!

  • Customized Pleasure Kit

Love yourself every day...

with beyoutyBOX and loveTIMAMARIE

Love Notes

"Let all that you do be done in love."

—  1 COR 16:14

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About Me

About Me...

Hi, loves!


I'm Fatima...a daughter, sister, creative, happiness advocate (I just made that, lover, entrepreneur, philanthropist and something like a flower-child living a city woman's lifestyle! 


Professionally, I spend my 9-5 in a top Ad Agency in NYC and my 5-9 growing my online business here at loveTIMAMARIE.  Nothing lights my fire like creating beautiful things and seeing people flourish as they enjoy new experiences and transform their lives.  The cornerstone of all work that I do is supporting others to live according to their unique purpose.  


I am honored that you've joined me in my little slice of the internet.  Take a look, share your thoughts and come back on a regular basis.  But most importantly, go out into this vast world and live according to what makes your heart full.  That, and that alone, is my wish for you.


Fatima Marie

p.s...I love to hear from you.  For questions, feedback or things you'd like to see, leave me a note here!

Let's be friends, follow me on IG!

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