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Yoni is the Sanskrit name meaning "Sacred Place."  


In Eastern cultures and Taoist tradition, "Yoni" is used often when referring to the vagina or womb.  Yoni's are seen as the Source of All.  For thousands of years, women have used the practice of meditating with Yoni eggs as a method of connecting with this sacred space.


Yoni Eggs are inserted into your yoni (hence the name :) ) and not only enhance a deeper meditative practice, they also promote vaginal and sexual health, help strengthen your kegel muscles, enhance orgasms and allow you to become one with Self.

How do I know which egg is right for me?

Go with your gut.  Consider where you are in life, what you'd like to manifest next, what parts you're ready (and willing) to heal and/or strengthen and choose an egg that compliments those goals.  There is no "one size fits all" way to recommend a yoni egg; every woman's needs are unique.

Drilled or Un-drilled?

There are benefits to both!  Un-drilled eggs support many women in building trust.  Trusting themselves, their yoni, and trust overall.  How?  Well, because removing the egg is not automated.  You must connect with your body, relax and (again) trust that the egg will come out when it is ready.  Drilled eggs allow the option of advanced practice kegel exercises performed by utilizing the string.  They also allow users the ability to "pull" (though we never recommend forceful removal) the egg out when ready; allowing a little more control over the process.  Again, go with what feels intuitively good for you.

My egg won't come out, what do I do?

Simply relax!  Your yoni muscles will clench and tighten when you are stressed or creating stressful energy.  Remember, yoni egg practice is also an energetic and spiritual practice.  Your egg is not "stuck" and you are ok.  Relax, meditate on your intentions and continue to go about your day until your yoni and your egg are ready.  If you are truly ready to release the egg, relax, meditate on your intentions and slow (and gently) push your yoni muscles down as though using the bathroom.

How often do I clean my egg?

Gently washing your egg with warm water after each use is all it needs!  You can rinse it with plain water or use natural soap or ACV to aid in the regular cleaning of your egg.  Some women choose to re-sterilize the egg monthly (or more frequently, depending on the usage) to reset the egg and ensure cleanliness.

Should I wear my egg during my cycle?

It is not recommended to wear your yoni egg during your monthly cycle.  Allow your yoni time to breathe and process naturally without the physical blockage.

Can I wear my yoni egg during sex?

You sure can!  Many women have shared that wearing their egg during sex heightens the experience for both her and her partner, leads to stronger orgasms and increases connection between the two.

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