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Dare to Try

We spend so much time trying to get things "right".  As if on the date of our birth someone told us "the way to win this game of life is to get every single thing right."  Ha!  We're here to live.  To experience life.  Fully.  And the only way to do that is to jump in!  Forget wasting time contemplating every.  little.  thing.  Just try!  Just jump in!  Go after that thing you want, try that hobby you can't stop thinking of, tell that person you love that you love them!  So what if it doesn't turn out all peaches and cream?  The bravest of us try even, and especially, when it looks too hard/scary/impossible to do so.  You will stand again.  Stronger, wiser, braver.  And that...THAT is never a fail.

The weight of wondering "what if" for all your days to come isn't worth the potential embarrassment of the "oops".  I promise.  Go live fully.


Fatima Marie


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