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Inside Outer Beauty

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Heyyyy loves!!!!  I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the beautiful Dixie Lincoln-Nichols of Inside Outer Beauty and talking guessed it...Yoni Eggs!  And not just the eggs but really, life and living out loud, in your full expression!

Dixie is a phenomenally brilliant woman, whom I personally admire for her grace, guts and mission to empower women GLOBALLY to embrace the importance of self care is ALL ways!  She is a science educator, certified health & wellness coach and entrepreneur, amongst many other things.  So her passion for caring for your body, mind and spirit is deeply rooted and lives through everything that she does!

Dixie founded "Dixie Bits Bath & Body", which has been featured in media outlets like, Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, Essence Online, Tampa Tribune and more.  I'm telling you, she is no joke!  Check out the interview right here and be sure to visit her website, Inside Outer Beauty, to follow, subscribe and stay connected!!

Much love,

Fatima Marie



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