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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Sometimes color tastes like music.

Food feels like the smell of fresh water.

The letters of L-O-V-E, once moved like expanse.

Now sound like too little space.

Up feels like down.

In feels like out.

Smell doesn't taste the same.

Sound doesn't look like it used to.

Old boundaries disappear within you.

New ones stretch beyond you.


Sometimes turns us inside out.

Redefines our world.

In ways so beautifully bizarre.

They do not make sense until your right, has gone left.

You could not predict this.

What it would look like beyond your perception.


Here we are.

And there we are.

Up we are.

And down we are.

In we are.

And out we are.

I could not convince you.

That you are All of it.

You had to feel it.

For yourself.

And give me the gift.

Of watching you through it.

Thank you.

For the gift.

There are kinds of love where words are not enough.

And yet, I hope you saw yourself in the space between these.

I pray you felt me there with you.

Between it all.

Through it all.


In all ways.

Love is this.

-Fatima Marie


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