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Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows that I LOVE to look at the sky.  A sky gazer at heart, I am mesmerized by it all...the clouds during the day, the stars, the moon.  Especially the moon.  So walking out of Central Park tonight and spotting the beautiful full moon tonight literally made me gasp for breath!  As with most people in 2016, my second reaction (after remembering to breathe normally again) was to take a picture of this beautiful moon to share along with the best quote I could muster up for the moment (lol).  Until, as usual with the moon, as breathtaking as she was in real life, she just looked like a bright dot in my camera roll.

And I tried hard.  Multiple angles, zooms, flash, no flash.  I could not quite capture her beautiful essence in photograph as I was experiencing her in real life.  And then I had an epiphany, as nature is a reflection of God's creation in all of us.  Perhaps there are some things that can only be experienced, in their fullness, in the moment.  Some images, experiences, VIBES, just cannot be captured and reproduced for other moments or other eyes.  And, how beautiful is that?

Expanding on that further, what if I am one of those things.  What if all attempts to capture and translate who I am into another experience will never truly reveal all of who I am and how I influence others to feel in my presence?  What lives inside of that knowing?  A BE.  To simply exist.  As I am, the great I am.  Without concern for how my existence in the current moment will be interpreted for future moments with those not present.  A trust that what I see captured and reflected back, though a representation of me, is not really all of who I am and therefore, not the ultimate guide against which I measure myself.  An openness.  To allow others, as well as myself, to experience me exactly as I am.  Some days full and glorious, some days crescent and bent by the influences of life, some days orange as I reflect the sun's light, some days not around at all as I retreat into a phase of rest and covering.  All days, as perfect as I am in that moment.

Thank you, mother moon, for this inspirational insight.  Today, I am full.


Fatima Marie


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