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Tima's Favorite Things

Hey love bugs!

I've missed you all!  If you look around, you'll notice a few changes...the layout is a little different (*ahem*...sleeker) than before and there's a new tab (hmmm....more to come on that later!).  Anyways, I've been quiet on the blog as I've been working on really growing my businesses BUT, I'm back!  

My birthday always puts me in a mood of real reflection.  What has the past year shown me and what do I have my eyes set on for the upcoming year?  Leading up to that, and with just one week left until I say farewell to my twenties and welcome the "big" 3-0, I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you all.  The things on this list bring me, real joy!  Try out a few and let me know what you think.  Hope you enjoy!

1.  My Yoni Egg:  Beginning a meditative journey with my yoni eggs has been one of the highlights of my 2016! Rhodonite has been my favorite thus far but I'm exploring more...stay tuned! The connection and presence I experience with my Rhodonite egg (who I've affectionately is simply amazing!

2.  My favorite books:  Each of these books has added something to my life creatively, spiritually, or otherwise.  I highly recommend them all!

3.  Soul Cycle:  Sexy.  Powerful.  Strong.  The three words I think of when I think of my experience with Soul Cycle and why I love it so much!  Everything from the music to the workout to the instructors make me a very happy woman.

4.  Shea Moisture Lemongrass & Ginger Body Scrub:  I love sugar scrubs, in general.  My skin feels magnificent after I use scrubs!  But this scrub here...the scent alone takes my senses to another level and my skin feels fantastic after!

5.  Nivea Lip Balm:  I discovered this lip balm some years ago and haven't looked back since!  The first time I used this stuff, I literally said "mmmm" and had my best friend give me a side eye LOL!!  Kiss of Moisture, specifically, is where my heart is!

6.  Naps:  Really...need I say more?!

7.  Flowy Dresses:  I feel so effortlessly beautiful whenever I put on a flowy dress.  Bonus points if the back is out or it has a high slit ;) 

8.  My journal:  Journaling gets me through!  Seriously.  I love writing in my journal whether it's random thoughts, a prayer, meditation reflections, notes, you name it!  Writing in my journal helps me channel all that I experience within.  Priceless.

9.  Fries:  Give. Me. French. Fries!!!!  Seriously!  My love affair with french fries is real.  I'm the girl that will order fries with anything.  And truffle fries...oh forget it!  Basically heaven.  There will be fries at every major event of my life moving forward.  This is not debatable.  

10.  Dry Erase Markers:  So random, right?!  Lol.  Well, last but not least on the list, I use dry erase markers to write little notes on the mirrors throughout my house.  It's my own custom affirmations to myself.  I started this practice a few years ago and it is one of my favorite things to do to date.  Nothing like an uplifting word in some pretty colors to start my day!

Thanks for reading!  Try one, or all, of my favorite things above and share your experiences with me!  Most of all, spread love, spread joy, and have lots of fun doing it!


Fatima Marie


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