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To My Family...

Art is life.

Art is necessary.

Art is a form of protest.

Art is beautiful.

Art is love.

Art is.

However, in the conversation of liberation, art is not now, nor will it ever be, enough on its own.

What happens after the expression?  Where does the artist's responsibility extend beyond expression, into a call to action?  Education?  Forward movement?  Revolution?  Change?  A plan.  An agenda.

How do we create purposeful, intentional shifts that increase the value of emotion created through our art into new life, new worlds, new realities, birthed from our art?


This question no longer gets to be bigger than us.  This question IS us.  Artists have historically been responsible for challenging the norms of their time.  How do we continue that today?  How do we create freedom through the challenges of our art forms today?



Fatima Marie 


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