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What Are You Willing To Do?

I saw "The Shack" with my mom this week and it was an amazing experience!!  I haven't read the book but I will definitely be going back to grab it and dig into more of the detail that I'm sure didn't make it into the film.

There was one line in particular that struck both my mother and I.  God said to the main character, "You're not stuck because you can't.  You're stuck because you won't."

Boom!  Dose of the realness hit us both at the same time!  Without giving away the plot, the main character is dealing with life circumstances that feel downright insurmountable.  With what he was going through, most of us would understand throwing in the towel.  That said, however, his reality of a world of sadness was only his reality because of what he was unwilling to do in the face of hardship:  release his sadness, forgive himself, forgive his offender, accept that he could continue living.

And it got me thinking.  Even with conditions much less tragic than what he had gone through, many of us keep ourselves in spaces because of what we are unwilling to do, not unable.  We do this everyday, with "good" and "bad."  How many of us have visions of greatness but don't reach them because we are stuck in the level of good?  What if we were willing to do just one new thing, BE one new thing?  What could be possible? 

The constructs of your reality are made up exactly from what you are, and are not, willing to do.  Period.  That level of responsibility is difficult for lots of us to grasp.  But I guarantee in this whooooole wide world and in alllll the time it has existed, there has been someone that has moved through the exact same situation you are currently in.  And if even just one is able to, YOU ARE ABLE TO.  Forget any and everything that ever told you you aren't smart enough, talented enough, worthy enough.  It was a lie!

My deep seated belief is that if you have the capacity to imagine something, you have the capacity to create it!  I am not imagining world changing methods to brain surgery; that's not my domain.  But someone is...and may be second guessing their ability to make it real.  You may be wondering how to move on from heartbreak and thinking you can't.  But you can.  You can forgive, you can decide, you can love again.  Want that bikini body?  Higher pay?  Love of your life?  Relationship with your parents?  You. Can. Have. That.  What are you willing to do for it?

We can, and may have to, choose and forgive and decide over and over again along the way to creating said thing.  And that's ok.  Start now.  What are you willing to do today?  I promise, you can.

Talk to me...


Fatima Marie 



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