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As the supreme nurturer, Red Jasper reminds us of the specific pathways towards joy, that may appear as bonds of constraint.  Jasper helps your goddess energies to be grounded to the stabilizing energies of the earth, integrating the attributes that smooth dysfunctional energies towards the balance and sustenance of the form. 


Red Jasper strongly communicates the message that all choice is singularly your responsibility and assists you in rectifying unjust circumstances through meditation on the methods of improvement.  Red Jasper allows the dreamer to remember which aspects are consequential in life and assists in the prevention of set-backs through the learning of the steps required for forward movement and progress, instead of digression.


Red Jasper is a stone of physical strength and energy. It is wonderful for those who need extra support to recover from physical weakness due to illness.  This yoni stone supports your root chakra as it connects you with the stabilizing energies of the earth. Using a Red Jasper yoni egg is an incredible way to draw you back to your own inner being as you care for and strengthen the most sacred part of your body.  


It assists one's personal ideas and beliefs about sexual expression, and helps to release shame or guilt around these issues. It provides support during times of stress by providing protection and absorbing negative energy.  This stone is the perfect pick if you are feeling out of touch with yourself or want to feel re-energized!

Red Jasper Yoni Egg

    • Yoni Eggs are made of gemstones that are naturally occurring substances.  Any inclusions, markings or variation in color are not to be considered a defect but are part of the gemstone's natural state. 
    • Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not to be considered prescriptive or healthcare recommendations/information.
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