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Now the journey begins!  Thank you for trusting yourself enough to explore the sacred connection between you, your Yoni and all that can be manifested through deeper connection with her.  Now that you've begun, read tips and tricks below on how to prepare your egg, care for it and use yummy exercises to strengthen those kegels and enjoy all the physical as well as spiritual benefits!

Click on any of the steps below to go directly to that section or scroll your way down the page and read through it all!  Please, however, complete all steps before using your egg for maximum benefit.

You have your Yoni egg, now what?





Clean and bond with your egg!

  • To cleanse your egg, bring a small pot of filtered or alkaline water to a low boil.  

  • Once the water is boiling, turn your burner off and allow the water to relax into a calm steam (vs. a rolling boil).  This is important as the eggs are made of natural substances and some can crack under extreme heat.

  • Next gently place your egg into the water - you can either place it directly into the pot or pour the water into a clean and sterile container, placing the egg gently into the container.  

    • Important to note - do NOT place a cold egg into the hot water.  Similar to the note above, a cold egg will crack if placed directly into hot water.  Instead, take this time to bond with your egg by gently rubbing it against your skin to bring the egg to body temperature. 

  • Allow the egg to sterilize for at least 10-15 minutes.

  • Once sterilized, allow the egg to cool to room temperature before inserting internally

Before You Begin...


Gentle connection...

  • To insert your egg, especially for the first time, I recommend running the egg under warm water (if you didn't just remove it from the warm cleansing water).  Inserting your egg while warm (not hot) will ease your yoni and (for most) bring pleasure to the experience. 

  • Many women find it comfortable to lay on their backs for the first time inserting.  Whatever works for you, find a comfortable position and simply...relaxe...

  • Gently rub the egg on your body to warm yourself up and increase bonding.  Then slowly begin inserting the egg into your yoni; largest part first, pointed side down (as pictured to the right).

  • It is very important not to push the egg up forcefully.  Breathe slowly and deeply and allow your yoni to gently accept the egg until she's fully inserted.

Inserting Your Egg...

Bonding with your yoni egg is essential to receiving the full benefit of a meditative/spiritual practice and really manifesting the properties each egg inherently brings!  Some methods of bonding with your egg include:

  • Meditate and pray with your egg before using her.

    • Set those intentions and clearly identify what it is you're looking to create through your yoni egg practice.  What are you declaring for your life?  What are you seeking to manifest? 

  • Charge your egg in the sun or moonlight

    • If charging your yoni egg in the sunlight, leave her for no more than two hours (the sun's energy is powerful and can drain gemstones as well as affect their natural color).

    • If charging your yoni egg in the moonlight, you may leave her to charge over night, if desired. 

  • Sleep with your egg under your pillow

  • Some women (*ahem* even name their eggs, giving her an identity of her own.

  • Whatever feels true for you!  This is YOUR practice, your egg, your yoni and your your intuition and do what feels natural for you to bond with your egg before using her!


Now that your egg is clean and you've and your egg are now partners in manifestion!  Let the magic begin!

Getting Started...


Activating your natural magic & GLOW through yoni egg practice...

  • It is recommended to wear your egg regularly.  This can be every day for a few hours, every few days for a few hours or once a week for a full day.  Determine what "regular" is for you based on your lifestyle and schedule.  However, the more you wear and activate your yoni egg, the more present the benefits.

  • The simplest and most common exercise to practice with your yoni egg and strengthen your kegel muscles is Vaginal Breathing

    • Inhale deeply for 5 seconds while using your yoni muscles to move the egg upward​

    • Exhale slowly and intentionally for 5 seconds while releasing the yoni muscles and pushing the egg downward, without letting the egg fall out

    • Repeat for two minutes at a time

  • For advanced users and women with drilled yoni eggs (pictured to the left), there are TONS of resources and videos online with advanced practice exercises!  Search and share your favorites!

Enjoy the ultimate Glow Up experience with your Glow Gem yoni egg!

Creating the Glow...

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