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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Grace is part of who I am.  

Healing is a word that we often use and hear to describe the process of forgiving.  I myself, up until a few days ago, believed that healing was part of my personal mission.  Until someone asked me the question, "what does healing require?"  I gave it some thought and realized that healing requires pain.  Healing cannot occur without the offense being present.  By its very nature, being committed to healing (in my opinion), means being committed to pain and offenses continually regenerating themselves.  Otherwise, what are we healing from?

Grace.  Grace is beautiful.  Grace opens the door to what we use linguistically to describe true healing.  Grace is gentle, grace implies newness, a look forward, a letting go, a second chance.  Inward and outward.  And that, that is beautiful.  Grace allows possibilities that "healing" does not.  Grace is an opening of your hands to let go and allow something new in.  

I am no longer looking to heal and mend the cracks created by our pasts.  Cracks are how the light gets in.  Instead, I pray for grace to show us how to allow that cracked up survivor before us today, to shine in all of its wholeness.  Grace gives us permission to be beautiful with it all.   

We are all imperfect; and that is ok.  In fact, it is what makes us beautiful.  It's what lets the light in.  And what lets the light shine out.  This all literally came together for me an hour before this post.  I had been struggling with cracks from my own past.  There is no need to struggle.  Thank you, my love.  My first great love created the space for me to learn this.  How blessed am I?  

There is no need for cracks to be mended.  No.  We only need to continue building.  Beautiful, keep building.  I will be your partner.  We will co-create the future.

That is who I am.  That is a mission I am committed to.


Fatima Marie


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