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The Radical Power of Love

This quote ignites something in me. It describes love in a way that is unconditional, freeing, and quite frankly, a bit radical given our society these days. This quote reminds me that we can love people without succumbing to the compulsion of try to fix, heal or "better" anything about them. These words speak of the undeniable power of allowing someone to BE. These words feel, to me, like a breath of fresh air.

I believe that if we lived according to these words, our world would be completely transformed because this type of love can be extended in EVERY relationship, not just romantic. Could you imagine a world where every single person was loved for exactly who they are from the moment they are born, until their last breath? Just for one second think about how empowered and validated YOU would feel had you been allowed to express and explore all aspects of your being from the moment you were born.

Imagine the five year old you being allowed to ask your parents those questions sparked from a place of curiosity, and feeling encouraged rather than quieted and told to just "be a good girl/boy."

Imagine the twelve year old you being allowed to talk to any adult about learning to understand your sexuality without being shamed or put in fear for your safety.

Imagine the eighteen year old you admitting that you have no clue what you want to do with the rest of your life and you'd like some time to figure it out without being seen as delinquent.

Imagine the twenty-five year old you speaking up at work and bringing innovative ideas to the forefront without being admonished for speaking out of turn.

Just, imagine...

I believe those people, those versions of yourself that you just imagined, would have learned that they are not only allowed to be, but that their being is so valuable. I believe those people would feel empowered to create, to let free the message within their hearts that this world is so desperately thirsty for. I believe those people would feel free to LOVE and be loved in return. I believe those people would be the great leaders that usher our world into a time of liberation through "radical" acceptance, generosity, equity and love. That, is what I believe and THAT, is what I feel I am here to help teach.

My request of you today, is that you begin with the people around you. Begin listening to what others have to say, begin relaxing your defenses when you see or hear something you don't understand, begin expressing your own quirks and allow others to express theirs, begin allowing people to make decisions for themselves and respecting their right to do so, begin trusting that others are capable of being well even if you don't understand the path they are taking to wellness. Begin today. Go and love someone exactly as they are. For you, for them, for us all...for, Love.


Tima Marie



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