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The Ten Glow Commandments

Happy Friday, lovers!  So I've been talking about the glow for a while now.  Started with #chasingtheglow, then came #theglowup #creatingtheglow #catchingtheglow #yearoftheglowup and of course, our Glow Gem yoni eggs.  So it's fair to say I'm obsessed with the glow, yea?  Yea.  Ok great!

Cuz I'm here for the people, I want to get y'all ready for #SexyLoveSummer2017 with...*cue drum roll please*......the Ten Glow Commandments!

  1. Thou shall love thyself.  First thing's first, this is where it all begins.  Practice self love.  Discover what feels good to you.  Know that you are worthy of having those things.  Read some good books, appreciate your talents and thoughts and gifts.  Look in the mirror.  Like, really look.  And while you're there, tell yourself at least three things a day that you love about you.  Then write em down in case you forget later.  Keep good people around you and let them love on you too!

  2. Thou shall love everyone else.  Like, seriously, any and all glow is instantly negated by being stingy with sharing your love out.  Share it freely, share it often and share it truly.  Show someone else what's possible for them through the gift of your love.  Be in service, be an advocate, be a conduit.

  3. Thou shall explore.  Go learn and have fun doing it!  This world is HUGE, get into it.  Expand your boundaries, learn something new about it and you.  Allow yourself room for new perspectives.  Give yourself permission to change your mind.  Try a new skill, learn a new language, keep yourself engaged in this thing called life.

  4. Thou shall express thyself, honestly and unapologetically.  Early. And. Often.  Say what's important to you even, and especially, when your voice shakes.  Create things that matter to you, because expression is in all of us.  Dance.  Sing.  Paint.  Write.  Address injustices.  Speak up in the room that needs your voice.  Being you is the only permission you'll EVER need.

  5. Thou shall connect with this dope ass universe's dope ass energy (options include, but are not limited to, prayer, meditation, yoga, journaling, being outdoors, etc.).  Seriously, the same God that made cilantro, made you!  That's dope and worthy of praise and connection.

  6. Thou shall honor thine own Self.  Embrace your quirks, love your "flaws", respect your process, protect your magic, let go of EVERYTHING you no longer need, remind yourself that you're the real deal every day, all day because you were made that way!

  7. Thou shall find what maketh thouth feel happy AF***th!  (revised English version...thou shalt be lit AF) Go lose track of time at least (veeeeeeryyyy least) once a week doing something that makes you happy, just because.

  8. Thou shall honor thine body.  Drink water, take deep breaths, do your kegels (men included), eat well (like really amazing food from as many places as you can), be active, have amazing sex (seriously...please do!), get good rest...naps included, for goodness sake!

  9. Thou shall properly hydrate.  I can't stress this enough!  Glow needs moisture to shine through .  Moisturize your skin, drink lots of water, leave thirsty tricks alone...ya dig?

  10. Thou shall choose.  If all else fails, and you feel stuck not remembering any of these other commandments, make a choice and act on it.  Choose from your heart, choose from your soul, choose from what's true for YOU!

Now that you know, you can't un-know.  Share these commandments with your people.  The more of us out there glowing, the better!  Your glow will never be the same....Muuuuah!


Fatima Marie 



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