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Trust The Process

“Trust the process.” 

This infamous line is often used to encourage someone to continue down a path they are skeptical of, but traveling in hopes of realizing some desired result.  But what is the process we’re being asked to trust?  I have a point of view, of course 😉, but I was curious to see the literal definition of process and how it fits here.

Process – noun

  1. A systematic series of actions directed to some end.

  2. A continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner.

  3. Biology, anatomy.  A natural outgrowth, projection, or appendage

In the definitions above, these words jump out at me: systematic, action, continuous, changes, natural, projection.  The idea that these things are occurring in relation to “some end” and are “taking place in a definite manner” fills me with hope.  In my opinion, "the process" is life.  The process is unfolding in the direction of SOME end; which, perhaps, may not be THE end we have in mind.  The process is fun, exhilarating, scary, beautiful, joyous, nerve wrecking, exciting, deep, exploratory, and so much more.  If we allow it.  And not only that, the process is natural, definite and to be expected!  So why resist it?    

Most of all, the process is unique for every one of us.  There is no blueprint to how a process (read...LIFE), your process, will unfold compared to the process (read...LIFE) of the billions of others before you.  There is no rule book!  There are, however, bits of insight that can support you along the way. 

First of which is to trust the process.  Trust YOUR process.  Trust that, when you are leading with purpose, love and authenticity, your process is always ushering you exactly in the direction of your “some end.”  Trust is an absolutely essential part of experiencing peace in the midst of your process of life.  Without trust, it will be easy to become consumed in the dark and rocky parts of your journey.  With trust, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that any dark and rocky part is still only leading you in the direction of your “some end.”  Practice trust.  It is the key that unlocks joy, peace, serenity, love and abundance. 

Secondly, respect the process.  Respect your process enough to allow it and not judge yourself for what you find works for you along your way.  Similarly, respect others’ processes as well.  Just as you get to live yours, so do they get to live theirs.  Give yourself, and every single person you meet, the grace to have YOUR process, YOUR way. 

And enjoy the ride, lovers.  Without knowing what’s coming next, all we have is now.  Make the most of it and keep faith that the next moment will bring with it exactly what’s needed for your continued growth.

Sending you all love from the depths of my soul!


Fatima Marie


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